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What is ATS

Advanced Time Segmentation®, or ATS for short, is an immediate or future retirement income strategy. ATS uses a me-segmented approach that, at its core, matches a client's assets with their liabilities (i.e., income needs). 

The ATS strategy/concept draws upon years of academic research and mathematic calculations to address three important retirement facets. The strategy addresses retirement income needs, future inflation concerns, and addresses the overall risk of each client's unique situation. 

To generate these customized strategies, ATS utilizes a proprietary financial planning software exclusive to Cetera Financial Group advisors. 


ATS Software

The ATS software can be utilized as a stand-alone financial planning tool to illustrate a "roadmap" to retirement for clients, or as an effective implementation tool for other financial planning softwares. 

Many advisors that currently use Adviceworks financial planning modules use the ATS software to create compelling income strategies for their prospective or existing clients. 

The ATS software generates a concise client deliverable that is easy for both client and advisor to understand and reference during review meetings. 


ATS Advisor Network

The ATS Advisor Network is a group of advisors throughout Cetera Financial Group that utilize the ATS strategy for their clients. The network offers live small group training and one-on-one case building with designated ATS coaches (all of which are practicing financial advisors). 

The ATS network holds a minimum of two live events each month for all ATS advisors to attend. Membership to the ATS network also provides advisors access to over 20 hours of on-demand training materials, practice management deliverables, and optional mentorship to successfully integrate ATS into their practice.

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Stephen Oliver, AIF,C(K)P®, CRPS®, CRPC®, RICP®,CWS®,NSSA®

Manhattan Ridge Advisors

"The use of ATS has changed my practice and given our clients the confidence to transfer more assets and provide more referrals. Clients truly appreciate a streamlined review process that provides clarity and understanding."

Daniel M Juechter, AIF® CFP® CWS®

Hunter Financial Advisors, Inc.

"From a planning perspective, ATS is unlike anything my clients and prospective clients have ever seen. In fact, it leads to two frequent responses: “We have never seen anything like this before” and “I finally understand what we are going to do… what are the next steps?”

Jennifer Scholfield

Scholfield Wealth Management, Inc.

"Managing a client’s retirement income has always been one of the greatest challenges facing an advisor. Using the ATS strategy, we have transformed the way we acquire new clients and it has helped us to secure our existing client relationships."

Christopher Quebedeau, CDFA™

Cetera Advisor

"Before I starting using ATS for my clients, many of my prospective clients would "try me out" by transferring only a portion of their assets. With ATS, not only has my acquisition ratio increased dramatically, my clients now understand the importance of me managing their whole portfolio, not just a portion of it."